Degrees of Burglary: Hire an Attorney to Represent Your Case

Burglary is a crime in which a person unlawfully enters another residence or property, usually with the intent to steal items of value. The intent is a keyword in the legal definition of burglary. You see, even without actually taking the items from the property, you may be guilty of the crime since this was your intent. Burglary is a felony charge, punishable by at least 12-months in prison with a maximum life sentence.

What to Do if You’re Charged with Burglary

If you’re suspected of the crime of burglary, you’ll be arrested and placed in the county detention center where a magistrate will set a bond amount on your case. Pay the bond and get out of jail. Otherwise, you’re behind bars until your scheduled court date. Most people pay the bond because sitting in jail is no fun!

On the way to jail, invoke your right to remain silent. As angry as you may be about the arrest, talking only damages the case because the things that you say may be used against you when it’s your day in court. Don’t cause a scene and make the situation worse on yourself than it is already.

Once you’re out of jail, contact a burglary offense law houston tx attorney. It is important that you hire a lawyer who is experienced with burglary law to ensure the absolute best outcome in your case. Lawyers who specialize in burglary know the best techniques to use to defend you in court to hopefully get the charges dismissed or, at a minimum, reduced.

Types of Burglary Charges

There are different degrees of burglary that you may face, depending on the severity of the crime. The higher the degree, the harsher the sentence if you’re convicted. Third-degree burglary occurs if you break into a locked container, such as a vending machine. This is the less severe of the burglary degrees, punishable by a sentence of one to three years. If you broke into a commercial building or a residential property, you have committed the crime of second-degree burglary. People who break into homes usually receive harsher sentences than people who break into businesses. Nonetheless, First Degree burglary is the most serious degree of burglary that you can face. Charges of first-degree burglary are given when violence is used against the owner of the property once inside during the commission of a burglary. This offense is classified as a Class 3 Felony.

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