What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

No matter how careful or how great of a motorcyclist you are, accidents are always a possibility and drivers should always be prepared. In a motorcycle accident, it’s advised to ensure you aren’t hurt, dust yourself off, remain calm and gather your thoughts to process what happened. This article will elaborate on a few steps you don’t want to miss for a seamless experience.

Take Pictures

Upon a motorcycle accident, first ensure the scene is safe enough to take pictures. If so remember to take as many photos as possible. This includes photos, from multiple angles, of the impacts and non-impact of vehicles involved, property damages of the surrounding areas. Pictures should be of the best possible quality but can be taken on a simple device like a cellphone camera.

Collect Information

Be sure to collect and gather as much information as possible. Necessary information includes names of involved parties, witnesses, their contact information, involved parties insurance and contact information, vehicle VIN, plate numbers, police report number & officer badge number. These are all information that are critical to the insurance claim process and can pose to be difficult to collect in the future. Even if emergency services aren’t required, be sure to contact your local police station to conduct an official report. This report will be necessary in confirming accident details and your recollection of the accident.

Start Your Insurance Claim

It’s best to start the insurance claim process by contacting your insurance company right after the accident. Your insurance company might need all the information and photos you have gathered from the scene of the accident. Upon contact with your insurance, be sure to not accept fault for the accident and wait until after consulting with a medical professional before discussing injuries. Many times, injuries aren’t evident until days or even weeks after the accident. Miscalculating injuries in the beginning negatively affects your claim and potentially reduce the compensation you receive.

Reach Out to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

After your accident, there are many different reasons why you could possibly need an attorney to complete the case. It is advised to contact a motorcycle accident attorney annapolis md. These types of attorneys are those who especially cater their services to motorcycle accidents and are well familiar with the processes. If you are denied of your claim, faulted for the accident and/or damages and injuries exceed insurance limits, then you are an even better candidate for a motorcycle accident attorney representation.

There are many steps you can take to avoid or limit the chances of becoming involved in a motorcycle accident. The truth is, no matter how careful you are, you aren’t alone on the road and there’s always a chance of an accident every time you embark on a journey. Including being as careful as possible, being prepared with how to move forward is best for a seamless process.